We help companies build amazing products and services.

Frontend & Backend


We work with Bootstrap 4 to build mobile first frontends that will perform well in any screen size and bandwidth.

When creating backends we work with Node.js and other libraries like Express, Twillio, Passport, etc. For databases we cover anything from relational to document databases be it on personal infrastructures or on commercial cloud infrastctures.



We use industry best practices to create products for our customers that are easy to scale and deploy. When developing these products or services, the infrasturcutre behind it can be anything from custom Linux or Windows server solutions to AWS complete infrastructures.

IoT and Mechanical Engineering


Some of our Hardware skills inclide creating Internet of Things hardware products with PCB design, Mechanical Engineering if needed which is outsourced to a canadian 3rd party company that we had success over time. We also provide quick and cost effective prototyping using 3D printing techniques with a multitude of materials.


Angular, React, Bootstrap 4


Node.js, Express, Mongoose

Cloud & Server

AWS, Linux, Windows


CRMs, Payment, Email, & more

Tools we use


We use the latest tools to keep in touch and to monitor what's going on within your apps, so you can rest assured that your business is ready to grow based onuser demand.



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